Finding a Career

This journey to find suitable, long sustaining, rewarding employment has been a very bumpy one. Over the past 2 years I’ve had 7 jobs that most had potential to become careers. But due to my lack of foresight and discipline, all of those opportunities fell on the way side and I found myself at the bottom again, unsure where I could go or what I would do with my life.

I am by no means an unqualified individual. I feel that I am an intelligent individual, although I have had an incredible record of doing stupid things. I am highly skilled in many different areas, I am a quick learner, very resourceful and can adapt to pretty much any situation. It is a natural talent I’ve used all my life. This “Jack-of-all-trades” scenario has however, made it quite difficult to stay interested in a single vocation. Many of my jobs over the past years I gave up to pursue other interests or positions, I had little regard for the trail I left, only focusing on the next big challenge ahead of me. This seemed like a foolproof system. Just like a frog jumping across a river, keep focusing on the next landing point rather then the one you are already on and eventually you will get to where you need to go. But this is not a sustainable practice. Careers are built on stability, not constant change, and the wishy washy attitude I took towards my positions and the companies I worked for eventually bit me in the ass.

When everything fell apart, I had nothing to fall back on. I had burnt every bridge I ever had and even past employers with whom were never related in my wrong doings, were still unapproachable because of my attitude about switching jobs on a whim. I had created an environment where it was very difficult to find a new job let alone a career path.

Of course, one can always find jobs when one needs to as long as you lower your standards enough. To get through some of the hardest times, I took jobs at places I never thought I would ever work at, just to make sure I could live. It was a humbling experience. I always felt ashamed, and embarrassed at the place I was at, unable to relax and just do my job, and constantly focused on my failures.

I thought it would take years upon years to pull myself out of that whole and I although I wasn’t happy with it, it was my reality and I had to live with it.

Hard work and determination pay off though. Although I did have a foolish attitude about career building in my past, I was always a hard worker and would do whatever I could above and beyond my job descriptions to make my positions more interesting.

This eventually rewarded me the opportunity to apply for a position with my current company that actually has some respectability and long term potential. Throughout the entire hiring process I figured I would be rejected because of my past and at one point almost withdrew my application for fear of rejection. However I continued to focus forward and gave the hiring process my full attention and determination. Eventually, I was hired and am now thriving in my new position. I am enjoying myself everyday and seeing the long term path I can create with this company. I still feel a little insecure about my past, but each passing day I feel more and more confident in my role and as a result, I am improving my performance each and every day.

This job has the potential to become a worthwhile career, and although my mind does wander to other ventures and potential vocations, if I ever do decide to switch, it will be a long thought out process with a well built plan. For now, I am happy, and this job brings me self respect and worth. It is helping me achieve my goals and ensuring a fruitful future.


Ob La Di, Ob La Da

They say that the only constant thing in life is change. On a daily basis, we are too close to the action to see the small things that are different to notice. But take a step back and see what has happened over a period of time and the changes pop out and smack you in the face! The important part is to not forget to step back and see what has been happening.

I’ve been on a role lately for doing what I am supposed to be doing at this point, working away, saving money, living a better life, but I’ve been a little stagnant when it comes to change. I haven’t been trying to improve anything else, getting stuck in to a routine that is figuratively death for those that are dedicated to change themselves. There should not be a time when you stop the process. Getting in to a routine is easy for humans, habits drive us, but they also get us into trouble as we forget why we were doing something in the first place and just do it.

I have been incredibly happy with my life and proud of myself for making this far already with my change, but there is still plenty of work to be done and I need to be more accountable to myself then I have the last few weeks.  I need to crack that proverbial whip to get back into things and make sure my journey continues.

It is nice to stop and smell the roses, and just enjoy the moment, but I need to stay focused on the big picture. Let’s keep going!!

Career Acquired!

This has been an incredibly awesome week and its only Monday! Fresh off the heels of me and my partners publically announcing the launch of our company, I had an interview for a fantastic dream job of mine today. I was excited about it all last week as I prepared myself for this great opportunity. This particular position has everything with it that I could want, and it carries with it a lot of opportunity to grow and meet some amazing people.

I had the interview this morning, and before I could even head out of the city back home, I had a phone call from them offering me the position. They said that my passion overwhelmed them, and I could feel it during the interview. This position feels right. Taking this job and moving forward just feels like the right thing to do. As I move along fixing my mistakes, and start acting true to myself and right to the world, good things keep happening, and this position, this career path, seems like one of those things. I can do well with this new position and there is unlimited direction for me.

I am excited for the future and ready for this next chapter.

Who is Holding You Back?

I had a surprisingly fantastic session with my councillor yesterday morning. With all of the negativity I’ve been experiencing lately, I thought the session would be exceptionally emotional and difficult. I was scared and reluctant to come in because I didn’t want to have to deal with any of it. But that is exactly the reason why I ended up going in anyway, because I have to face my fears and stop ignoring or delaying the things that need to be done.

I talked about in the session and my realization is that no matter what happens in my life, the only person that can ever truly hold me back, is myself. I put myself in the position I am in right now, and it is up to me to get myself out and into a better place. Any time I delay, I am only hurting myself, and it is irrational to cause myself pain and difficulty.

I have my list of what I’d like to accomplish, but I made a mistake in its implementation, I don’t have any plan. I’ve just been moving along with these ideas to improve, but with no plan to succeed. This is a recipe for failure. No wonder I am feeling like nothing is moving forward the way I want them to, I haven’t outlined just how I expect myself to succeed. I think I’ve been avoiding the proper planning because I was scared to see longer term plans. But no more delaying. No more holding myself back.

The plan now is to take my list as it currently stands, and start outlining steps and timelines to help me achieve them. It may take a while to complete some items, but as long as I am following the plan, then I am succeeding.

No more excuses, no more delays. Success will come, I just need to define how. I will no longer hold myself back.

My Future As A Writer

The more I think about it, the more I want to change my direction in life and try to become a professional writer. I’ve been writing for years and feel like it might be my calling. Before you roll your eyes, please know that I’m not one of those bloggers that is just enjoying their writing experience so much that they think they can start making money off of it. This is not the case. I have been writing for years, and have a portfolio of published short stories, poems, and news paper and magazine articles. Like everyone, I have a novel that I have been working on for years, and I hope to finish this novel over the summer, but moving forward, I feel like writing really is the way to go for me and I am now thinking of which career path I might be able to take to allow me to continue writing for a living.

Unless I suddenly become a world famous novelist, journalism or PR seem to be the best options. I’ll certainly need to go back to school for either of them and that excites me. I am very heavily focused in marketing, and PR ties very nicely into that industry so I wouldn’t be starting from scratch in the industry.

I certainly have been enjoying this blog writing process. I’ve always had a blog, but I treated it as a news paper, as an opinion column where I would develop an argument on some topic and try to prove something then promote it so lots of people would read and comment on it. It was difficult to find topics sometimes, and easy to brush off the responsibility to myself to write consistently and I was starting to lose interest in the written word. With this Man 2.0 Project, I am finding that I am once again enjoying the writing process. Most likely  because I am writing from the heart, and not worrying about who will say what about my words. It is very liberating. I will certainly take this experience with Man 2.0 into future writing projects. I feel like my writing has gotten better as a result. I am getting exciting about finishing my novel this summer and already thinking ahead on other stories that I want to write.

Figuring It Out

The more I reflect on the future, the more a “normal” life seems attainable. I’ve always done things differently and never when I’m supposed to, and its brought me to this point where I still feel unsure on what direction I want to take my life. But the fog is starting to clear. Getting a job, paying my bills, having my own place to live, owning a car, saving for the future, and having a fun and fulfilling social life, all seems just around the corner for me. It all makes sense. It seems so easy and I wonder why I’ve had so much trouble getting there after all these years. Such wasted time.

I’m just about to finish paying off my immediate debts, meaning, I can completely focus on my development. I am thinking about going back to school, furthering my education in a field I’m already familiar with, or perhaps something new, I’m not sure yet. In either case, I will become an expert in some field and it will be this field that I will develop my career in.

The springtime is symbolic of the next step of my journey. I was completely torn down to nothing over the winter, my old self dying. I was a barron wasteland of nothingness. Now, as spring arrives, I am truly beginninng the growth stage. A renewal of life. I feel good.

A Fresh Start

After much thought and planning, I’ve decided to go ahead and take the new job in the new city far away from here. It feels like the right move for me. I am giving up on a lot of the challenge of rebuilding here and I am foregoing the opportunity to build my life with her, but there is just too many positives that come with this move that I can’t ignore it. It feels like I am taking the easy way with this but perhaps that’s the whole idea. The right decision should be an easy one to make. There is a whole new world of possibility ahead of me by taking this job and this move will truly give me the fresh start I need to become a man again.

I am terrified about this change of course, this is a very big move for me. I’ve gone to school and lived in this area for almost 8 years now. I’ve had some big ups and obviously some serious downs, so many memories and people that I’ve connected with. But my life has become stagnant here, there seems to be no where else to go, to grow. I’m nothing but a shadow in this city now. In this new city, I can be anything I want to be.

I am excited for this change. I really feel good about it. This is truly a new beginning. I am starting to feel better already.