The Search For Spiriuality

There are many facets to a complete life. Having family, friends, love, a good job, financial security,and health all contribute to happiness and peace in your life. Although my priorities have shifted over the years, I’ve tried to ensure I had all of these in some proportion in my life. There is one facet though that I personally have ignored for years. Something that others put most of their life energies in to, finding spirituality.

I was raised with a bit of a religious upbringing, but it was never forced upon us and my siblings and I were given the freedom to choose our spiritual direction. The pursuit of knowledge was always mportant to me, so when it came to religion, I looked at it only from an academic perspective and never truly pursueda spiritual path. I never held any ill feelings towards anyone that practiced religion, in fact I celebrated it, though I couldn’t do the same myself. I just didn’t get it and I left it that way for years.

Its funny how the universe provides when you need it most. When I was at my darkest point this year, I found myself looking for direction, for guidance away from the dark path I was walking. I didn’t delve deeply into it, but I did find myself looking for meaning in it all, and it was through religion that I found some solace. I am not going to be admitting here that religion saved my life or that I’ve become horn again or anything, but I will admit that religion has helped me fill a void that I’ve been feeling for a very long time.

I have never been one that likes to blindly follow others, and Ill admit that the rituals and dogma of most organized religions kept me from getting involved in the past. But the words, the teachings, I always found interesting, and the more I immersed myself in them, the more I started to understand. It wasn’t until I went into a church though that I truly started to “get it.”

The first sermon I attended in over 25 years was about redemption, and forgiveness, and that no matter what we have done, if we are truly sorry and repent, we are forgiven. I know most people will say that most sermons are about that and I’m putting too much meaning into it, buy this sermon touched me, the words resonated, without all the religious bloat that turned me off before. I felt that the sermon was meant for me, and it was then that things made more sense.

I am still not a fan of all the rituals and rules of organized religion, but I do enjoy the words and the teachings. I’ve been attending church services now for two months with my girlfriend, and it feels good. I feel whole.


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