The Rocky Way

As I first starting writing this title, I was originally thinking of walking along a rocky path, where sometimes your footing is unsure and you might slip, and others where there are huge rocks that have been there for thousands of years and provide some very stable ground. But now, I am thinking all about Rocky Balboa and actually the two metaphors are quite similar.

The journey is not always going to be a smooth one, and you need your wits and skills about you to make sure you can get through it. Sometimes you are going to slip and you aren’t going to look great, but you are going to learn from it, and that is going to help you later.

When you get knocked down, you get right back up. You aren’t helping yourself staying down.

You have a destination in your mind, it may not be exactly what you thought it would be when you started, but as you travelled, you better understood why you were where you were and where you are going. The destination is important to keep in mind, but it is the journey that is going to define you, not the destination.

The journey is never really complete. There is always another sequel.


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