Refocusing on What Matters

All of my life, I’ve lived for the approval and acceptance of others. From my early days, where I was shy, and lacked confidence in myself to even now, I was filled with insecurity that I thought could only be fixed with appraisal of others. My life was focused on the goal. It was misguided though, and I put myself into situations that were insincere to my own life and I only focused on living for others, not myself.

With everything I have been going through, I am realizing both through my own reflection and through the actions and words of others I once respected that seeking approval from everyone, is futile.

I only need to seek approval from the people who really matter.

Having every single person that I have ever met like me is a fools errand. It is impossible to maintain, distracts from my own growth, and is stressful beyond anything else.

It is the trust and respect of a the few people in your life that truly matters.

When we earn trust and respect, no matter what it is we do or where ever we go, we do it rightly so because we know that those who matter in our life our behind us, and will support us, no matter what happens.


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