When I am Too Happy To Write

After reading a post from a fellow Blogger “Fun Girls Live Better” entitled, “I am Too Happy To Write!” I realized that I too, find that writing is much more attractive when going through rough times. When emotions are dark and dreary, words just pour out of me with little difficulty. However, when times are good, I seem to never have any thing to write about, or time for that matter. Writing seems to take a seat when I am feeling good. It is a funny thing this whole writing shtick. We want to capture the full range of our feelings when we write, but we only feel the need to do so when we feel dark. I guess this is why most writers are looked at as depressed, alcoholic, loners, because when we are writing, that is usually the case.

When feeling sad and hopeless, writers their craft as a way of working through their issues, expressing their thoughts on paper to make them more real, more tangible and thus more likely to be understood. But when we are happy, we avoid this. Why? Perhaps we are afraid to analyze our happiness out of fear that if we disturb it, it might disappear?

For whatever reason, I feel it is a funny quirk shared by most writers. To say the least, I am indeed happy at the moment, but there is still much work to do before calling myself a man again. And I will continue to write about my journey, no matter how dark or bright my feelings are.


One response to “When I am Too Happy To Write

  1. That’s true of me too, when I’m feeling good, I don’t feel the need to write so much. so it sometimes looks like things are worse than they mostly are. Curious isn’t it!
    Jane x

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