The Perfect Day

I am so very lucky. Recently, her and I spent an entire day together. It started by waking up beside her and only got better. We took a long walk in the park and talked a lot about life and us. We then sat on a park bench, cuddled up, and continued chatting. As the day, which was absolutely gorgeous out, waned on, we moved to her patio where we continued to talk and enjoy each other’s company. When the evening approached, we set out to watch a move where we hsd a great time chatting, joking, and jusy being around each other. Then continued to talk and be with each other for the rest of the evening.

It has been so long since I was able to connect with her like this. It made me remember why I fell for her in the first place. We have such a great chemistry together and always enjoy each other’s company.

With everything thst has happened, even though we’ve hsd some bumps along the way, her and I found each other again and easily fell back into each other. It feels a lot like before, but this time I feel a stronger desire, more trust, more love than we had the first time around. I really think we are getting there. She is the only one for me, and everyday, that feeling grows.


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