Thanks Johnny Depp

Thanks Johnny Depp

Yesterday started off incredibly well and ended very badly. I have to try to ignore what is happening outside of my own life. I can’t control other people and what they say. I can only focus on me.


One response to “Thanks Johnny Depp

  1. Love Johnny, but I believe he is trying to recapture his feelings he had when his daughter and son were born…thus a younger woman (baby maker), who obviously has used her talents to keep him chasing after her. But even though more kiddies may be born and be a blessing as well..can’t recapture the same’s always different. John’s older and more water under the bridge. Amber relationship…well, you shouldn’t have to convince someone to care about you or love you and you can’t buy love….I’m sorry to say this will not end well emotionally..Financially, he can afford it, but “lust” does strange things to us…add in the chasing a memory or feeling. He is a wonderfully talented man. We, his fans were here before Amber, and we will be here after she’s gone. Good Luck Johnny.

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