A Tale of Two Cities

Now that I’ve accepted a new job in a great new city, I need to decide what my next steps are. Fortunately, this new job is not as far as the other offer I was considering so it makes the decision a little less urgent. This new career path is taking me to a very large city but is only about an hour away from me. I know I need to find my own place, but the question is which city do I choose?

I can stay in my current city, where I have a small group of friends and connections, but I also have the anxiety and constant memory of everything that has happened to me over this past year. There are still times where I am afraid to walk around this city in fear of who I might run into. Last night I avoided an establishment I was going to go write at, however I saw that someone I knew was there and I wanted to avoid them. By leaving, I am admitting that I cannot repair the damage I’ve done to my life and I feel like I am quitting. I’ve been here for 8 years and this city feels like my home, even though I am currently isolated.

I can move to the new city, where I will essentially start things fresh. I know a few people that live there already, and there is much more opportunity for building a full happy life. There are plenty of exciting new things to get involved in and many more people I can connect with. No one will know of me when I arrive and I can build myself the way I want to build myself when I am there. I won’t have to take the train every morning, which will give me an additional 4 hours per day to do what I’d like. I’d also be able to better connect with my co-workers by spending time with them outside of work without having to worry about the train schedule.

Cost is not an issue here. Rent in the new city is much higher, but is equal to the cost of rent in my current city with a transit pass. I really just have to decide where I want to call home. My mind right now is siding with the new city. I think it is the best move for me. When I was going over this decision with the other job offer, I decided to move to the new city because I really need that fresh start. I think this will be the same case.

I keep saying to people that I am starting the next chapter of my life, my environment should change too if I am looking to really live a new chapter.


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