Working My Ass Off

It has been a very busy week. I’ve ben doing a lot on all fronts. Obviously, making big steps in my improvement, ramping up my career search, organizing my own business venture, and actually putting in 100 per cent at my current job. I’m finding happiness, so I really don’t mind the long days. And as long as I have coffee, my only vice these days, then I am fine. It is tiring though. My days are around 20 hours long at the moment. I know it isn’t good to be pushing myself so much, but I am on such a good roll that I don’t want to stop or slow the momentum.

I feel like I am living three lives right now as I work on everything. Switching gears several times a day to makes sure all of my goals for the day are accomplished. I can’t run like this forever, but as I accomplish more, the less of the ‘neccessary’ items there will be, and Ill be able to focus strictly on building myself for the future.


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