Who is Holding You Back?

I had a surprisingly fantastic session with my councillor yesterday morning. With all of the negativity I’ve been experiencing lately, I thought the session would be exceptionally emotional and difficult. I was scared and reluctant to come in because I didn’t want to have to deal with any of it. But that is exactly the reason why I ended up going in anyway, because I have to face my fears and stop ignoring or delaying the things that need to be done.

I talked about in the session and my realization is that no matter what happens in my life, the only person that can ever truly hold me back, is myself. I put myself in the position I am in right now, and it is up to me to get myself out and into a better place. Any time I delay, I am only hurting myself, and it is irrational to cause myself pain and difficulty.

I have my list of what I’d like to accomplish, but I made a mistake in its implementation, I don’t have any plan. I’ve just been moving along with these ideas to improve, but with no plan to succeed. This is a recipe for failure. No wonder I am feeling like nothing is moving forward the way I want them to, I haven’t outlined just how I expect myself to succeed. I think I’ve been avoiding the proper planning because I was scared to see longer term plans. But no more delaying. No more holding myself back.

The plan now is to take my list as it currently stands, and start outlining steps and timelines to help me achieve them. It may take a while to complete some items, but as long as I am following the plan, then I am succeeding.

No more excuses, no more delays. Success will come, I just need to define how. I will no longer hold myself back.


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