Early Bird Gets the Opportunity


There is something to be said about waking up early and always being up and about before the sun rises. By starting my day earlier than most I can accomplish much much more in the limited 24 hour block we all face everyday. Granted, by the end of the day I am much more tired than most, but my to do list most likely has more check marks on it. It makes me feel less rushed throughout the day as I can better plan and prioritize my day. Better control my day and what I will accomplish.

I had never been a morning person before, I loved sleeping in well past the sun rise and only getting up when it was absolutely necessary, now, that has all changed.

I love getting up early. The world is so quiet and you can feel this energy in the air. It’s like a huge build up of potential energy just sitting there because your day can be absolutely anything you just need to make it happen. It is the smell of fresh opportunity, and coffee.

Right now it is just me, my laptop, my coffee, and the birds at this hour. We expect the sun to show up in an hour or so, but by then, much will have already been accomplished. I look forward to my days.


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