Dante’s Inferno


I don’t watch a lot of television, but I do have a few favourite shows that I indulge in. A few weeks ago, I was reminded why I enjoy one of them so much. AMC’s Mad Men, started its most recent season with the main character sitting on a beach reading Dante’s Inferno. It is actually one of my favourite pieces of literature and although I’ve read it countless times, it has been a while and I’ve forgotten about it. Seeing the main character, Don Draper, pictured above, reading it, motivated me to re-read it.

I have never gotten so much out of it as I did when I just read it again. There are so many parallels to this story and my own life. I can see a lot of myself through Dante and his journey and its alarming, but also relieving. I feel like I’ve been falling for so long, facing so much darkness, going through hell as it were, but, like Dante (spoiler alert) I will make it through this trial and come out on the other side a better man. An enlightened man, living for the right reasons.

I recommend you check out Dante’s Inferno if you haven’t already. It is an amazing piece of literature.


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