Seeking Professional Help

I’ve been reading a lot of articles and blogs related to improving oneself and one of these blogs that has been particularly helpful is the Good Men Project. I’ve found a lot of motivation from their posts and it continues to inspire me to move forward with my journey, knowing that there are men out there everywhere who are working hard to better themselves.

The other day I came across a very interesting post that hit me a little harder than others. It was entitled “9 Things Men Can Do to Change Themselves and the World” Although I am not currently looking to change the world, there was one particular item on this list that I wanted to draw particular attention to.

Seek professional help in dealing with childhood trauma.

We’ve all had our trials and challenges as children. If you are reading this, you obviously made it through childhood intact to some degree. For most of us though some of these trials and tribulations might have made a deeper impact on us than we may realize and this could have been helping or hurting us in shaping us to the men we are today. Part of my rebuilding process has been seeking the help of a professional counsellor.  It has been a very eye opening experience. I knew I had long standing issues with my parents, including lots of resentment and anger, and talking with a professional has helped me work through it. It has been very beneficial and I feel much lighter because of it. However I have also discovered several other issues that I didn’t even know existed. Things that have held me back and have caused more challenges in my life because I didn’t have the right mindset or experience to deal with situations. Situations that I couldn’t understand as a child that I am now reflecting upon have been weighing on my mind without me even realizing for years. By working with a professional and discovering these underlying issues I’ve found relief and a better understanding of myself. I am facing a lot of my flaws head on and working to be better.

There were a few others that hit close to home as well and I am certainly going to integrate them into my journey. I recommend you check out the full list here.


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