At a Cross Roads

I knew that if I just kept my head down and worked hard enough, that eventually my job horizon would improve. I’ve been working a meaningless job for about 6 weeks now and much to my surprise, the parent company has taken notice of my drive and work ethic and has offered me a job! It is a great opportunity, with a pay scale that is actually reflective of my education and work experience and there is a clear career path should I wish to follow it. The only problem is that this job is far away from where I am now, and if I want to take this position, I would need to leave this city. There are a bunch of reasons why this would be the best thing for me, but there are also a few reasons not to that are weighing on my mind. I think taking this job IS the best move, I just need to get over the fear of starting fresh in a new city. The plus side, and once again the surprising sign from the universe that this is the right thing to do, is that my sister just so happens to live in this city. I feel it is a sign. If I take this job though, I am deciding to give up on everything I have worked for here in this city, on all the relationships I built (and subsequently destroyed), but wanted to rebuild again.

I really don’t mind starting fresh. I am not a shy person and I love new challenges. This new city is a great place for me to get involved just like I have been here and this time I have the experience to make my involvement more worthwhile.

If I take this job though, I am essentially giving up on her. I’d be giving up on any chance of repairing my relationship with her. I would be closing the door on that relationship and the potential future we might have had. This is what I am most scared of. This is by definition a cross roads. There are two very distinct lives and futures in front of me right now and I need to decide one or the other.

My next step is a good ol’ fashioned Pro/Con List. Though I already have a good idea of which way its going to go.


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