A Fresh Start

After much thought and planning, I’ve decided to go ahead and take the new job in the new city far away from here. It feels like the right move for me. I am giving up on a lot of the challenge of rebuilding here and I am foregoing the opportunity to build my life with her, but there is just too many positives that come with this move that I can’t ignore it. It feels like I am taking the easy way with this but perhaps that’s the whole idea. The right decision should be an easy one to make. There is a whole new world of possibility ahead of me by taking this job and this move will truly give me the fresh start I need to become a man again.

I am terrified about this change of course, this is a very big move for me. I’ve gone to school and lived in this area for almost 8 years now. I’ve had some big ups and obviously some serious downs, so many memories and people that I’ve connected with. But my life has become stagnant here, there seems to be no where else to go, to grow. I’m nothing but a shadow in this city now. In this new city, I can be anything I want to be.

I am excited for this change. I really feel good about it. This is truly a new beginning. I am starting to feel better already.


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