Don’t Get Comfortable

Yesterday was a rough day indeed. I suddenly felt guilt and shame and regret for everything all at once. I can’t explain why it all fell on me yesterday of all mornings but it did and it reminded me of just how much I need to change from the man I used to be. I feel it might have been a warning to myself. I’ve been on a great corrective path, but I was slipping into some old patterns. That seems to be the biggest challenge the last week, making sure I don’t slip. It is easy to get caught up in the change I have been making, to get comfortable and focus on the day to day rather than the path that lay ahead of me and the path that I’ve already walked. I won’t let that happen though. Change is needed and I need to be vigilant. I will continue to move forward and not get comfortable or complacent. I have my goals, I know what I must do. I will do it.


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