Always Be Moving Forward


After having a particularly rough day yesterday, I realized that I need to stay focused and keep moving forward. It is too easy to get comfortable when things are going right.

The Universe, in its strange way of always providing what I need, when I need it, coincidentally showed me this long quote yesterday and its rings quite true:

never give up
this is who you are
you had the dream
it’s yours to redeem!

it will take longer than planned
horrendous hurdles will come into play
there will be countless delays
all along your way
passers-by will stop and say
good luck! stil at it, eh?

but, you know.

passion, persistance and resilience
build respect
respect creates attention
attention expands connections
connections spawn new networks
new modalities creating new opportunities
unavailable to the uninspired

and then the crowd will declare,
whoa, what luck!
you’ll shrug and say, maybe.
but you’ll know,
it all comes down to
commitment and time

don’t hesitate
it’s never too late

Brian Thompson’s The DIY Daily



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