Rumble in My Tummy

There are so many different things I want to write about. The last few days have been very interesting but I’ve been unable to write because of a lack of time. However, I decided to take a short break from something else I am working on right now to write this post.

I am hungry.

You might think that this is pretty unremarkable, because as people, we kind of need to eat all the time to keep living. Being hungry just means we haven’t had enough people fuel to sustain our level of activity.

It is meaningful to me though, because for the past two months, after everything fell apart, I have had almost no appetite whatsoever. I have been too stressed out and unlike most people, when I am stressed, I can’t eat. It makes me feel sick. For the past two months I have tried and tried to regain my appetite, but have had to force myself to eat. And when I did, they would be small meals at best. Many plates of food were picked at and then wrapped up for future meals. I’ve noticeably lost a substantial amount of weight, and although I am happy that I am more trim, this was not the way I wanted to go about it.

Tonight though, as I work away on some business, I found that my stomach had a little rumble going on. I ignored it for a little while and continued to drink my coffee and water as I usually do when I work. But now, the rumbling is getting stronger and I am feeling the desire to eat something substantial. This, to me, is progress. If I am starting to feel hungry again, then that means my stress level is down. I must be doing something right.

I’ll certainly be writing more this evening. I am in a mood to write. But until then, I’ll be rooting through my kitchen for something tasty.


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