Creating The To Do List

This blog is all about my journey to get my life back together. To discover the root cause of why I allowed things to get as bad as they did, and ensure that I never let this happen again going forward.

The high level plan was devised a while ago and is reflected by The List. This is a list of my goals that I must achieve in order to call myself a man again. This list of goals I much achieve in order to know that I’ve corrected my mistakes and am building my life the right way.

These goals came to mind fairly easily. In societal terms these are typical goals for anyone. And their execution for success is fairly simple.

For “Finding an Apartment” my actions include: looking for apartments, viewing apartments, applying for apartments, accepting an apartment agreement, and moving into an apartment.

As I work through these goals and I start to add new ones, I am noticing that they are becoming more personal and specific to me. And the more specific or personal the goal, the more detailed the process becomes to achieving it.

Now that I am about to wrap up my list of basic goals, I need to start thinking about how I want to accomplish the next level of goals.

With finding an apartment, the process was essentially a template that everyone uses to find a place to live. However many of my next goals don’t come with a societal template, and the responsibility to build a process falls on me. It is no longer a simple input/output process, I need to figure out what needs to be done for each goal, and outline what actions I’ll need to take.

It is a higher of level of personal organization.

This next step is going to require the preparation of a “To-Do List.” Many people shudder at the thought of such a list because it implies that there is a large amount of work involved. And there is. I can’t half ass this list and really need to put effort into building the smaller steps needed to achieve these next goals. It will be time consuming but it is necessary.

My main concern is whether I am organized enough to start planning these new goals properly. If I am still working through my difficulty with organization, which brought me to the point where my life fell apart to begin with, will my list be effective? I feel like even while I write this post, that my thoughts are jumbled and disjointed.

There is no sense wasting time on worrying though. I should just start the list and improve it as I go along. Action is required.


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