Lost that Running Feeling

I really miss running first thing in the morning. Where I reluctantly crawl out of bed, grumble while I put on my running gear in the dark, fumble with my MP3 player to find the right song to start my day, shiver when I open the front door and am faced with the morning breeze, wince when I take first hard step out of the door, wheeze when I don’t pace myself and run too fast, focus when I catch my breath and find my pace, smirk when I’ve run several kilometers, grin when I push myself and run 2 more, ache because I’ve pushed myself, slow as I approach my house, pant as I walk through my front door, sigh after I drink some water, smile because I accomplished the run and be proud of myself for beginning my day on a high note.

I wish this “spring” weather would shape up so I could start running outside again.


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