Tough Things A Man Must Do

The other day I came across an article from AskMen entitled “100 Tough Things Every Man Must Do.” As the name obviously suggests, the article provides a list of 100 things that it is expected that a true man be able to do at least once in their lifetime. Everyone will face challenges in their life time and of course facing tough challenges will always improve you as a person. This list intrigued me because I am on a journey to once again call myself a man, and I wanted to see what items on this list I had already accomplished, and which one’s I might have been avoiding. Some of the items on this list made a lot of sense, such as “Asking your Girlfriend’s Father Permission To Marry” and “Start and Finish a Race”, other items were not so sensible such as “Fire a Gun” or “Get In a Fist Fight.”

Regardless, I read through the whole list and there were a few particular ones that jumped out at me.

Just Jump Already

Although the article is using the literal meaning of the word Jump with this, the message has a wider reach. When something should be done, needs to be done, there is no sense delaying it and staring out over the precipice. You just need to suck it up, face your fear and take the leap already. Yes, it will be scary, and your survival instincts are telling you otherwise, but by taking the jump you are making a definite action that can’t be taken back. Life is more exciting, and more in your control, when you decide to stop just thinking and delaying and finally just act.

Have that weird conversation where you tell your parents you appreciate them

I have had a weird relationship with my parents. It hasn’t been very good over the last 15 years and has actually had some very bad times that even now, haunt our relationship and prevent us from acting like a normal family. But honestly, as I go through this journey and reflect on pretty much everything in my life, I am starting to realize that even though my parents did some horrible things in the past that have most likely contributed to my current situation, it was never their intention. They always meant to do the best for me and actually did a great job teaching me some of the lessons I needed to learn. I am proud of myself for a lot of things I’ve done in my life and I do have my parents to thank for that. I’ve never told them that I truly appreciate them and reading this makes me feel like I should reach out to them and let them know.

Work, No Matter What

Losing my job was just one of the challenges I had to face when everything fell apart. Ever since I was 13 I have been working. It’s been ingrained in me that I always need to be contributing and earning a living, no matter what. When I lost my job, my immediate focus was to find work, any work. I didn’t care what I had to be doing, but I needed to be doing something. I’ve never understood people who have been able to enjoy when they’ve been unemployed because without some form of contribution to your family or society, what are you doing? Although my current job is not glamorous, it is a job, and is producing an income, and is allowing me to put my life back together. For that I am grateful. Even in your darkest hours, if you have work to do, you can create your own sense of accomplishment. And that feeling can go a long way to motivating you do continue to achieve greatness.

I recommend you check out the entire article and see how many you feel help define you as a man person. The full article can be found on the AskMen website.


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