The Power of Positivity

This past weekend I was feeling very demotivated and dissatisfied with my progress to build myself for the better. I was putting in effort everywhere I could and was not seeing any of the results I was expecting. Instead of wallowing in my misery though, I decided to push myself into positivity. I thought that if I acted happy and satisfied, the real thoughts of positivity would surface.

For about an hour I still felt like absolute garbage. I was cranky and frustrated, and it was near impossible to not snap at anyone talking to me. However I continued smiling, whistling, thinking happy thoughts, and sure enough, I started to feel much better and completely forgot about being cranky! My day took a complete turn for the better. I started feeling great about the progress I had made rather then dwelling on the speed in which I’ve completed them. I was genuinely satisfied with my accomplishments and it turned into more motivation for the future. And, as I will write later, a few other great things happened afterwards that could be attributed to my positive mood.

There is a lot to be said about the power of the human mind. The fact that I can change my overall mood and perception of the world around me just by acting positive is incredible.

I will keep this little social experiment in my mind when I am feeling low, and will always remember to stay positive, no mater how hard it might be.


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