Some Light on the Path

I was just met with some good news on the career path. Although Finding a Job was my priority, Finding a Career is still a very big part of my journey. I’ve been researching and applying to a lot positions that are not jobs, but are futures. Places of employment that allow me to actually use my breadth of knowledge and experience in a creative and fulfilling environment. Where the promise of a paycheque is not even part of the reward I feel by being a contributing part of a organization. I’ve interviewed a few times now as well, and been pretty close to a few different career restarters, however, word of my actions has made this very difficult as I don’t have very impressive references anymore and news of my past actions has gotten back to hiring managers a few times and job offers have been revoked as a result.

Because of this, I’ve extended my search to outside of this community, and for a time, I’ve been met with even more rejection and disappointment. But I have not given up and have stayed focused on applying for positions that will help to positively define me years from now.

My most recent news is that I have reached the final stages for a very interesting position. After missing my initial interview because I didn’t have the money to travel to the location, followed by a mediocre telephone interview on my part, this organization has offered me the opportunity to prepare and present a case to them next week. The case obviously simulates the working conditions of the position I’ve applied for and will determine whether I am a good fit with this organization. I am excited because I know I will do well with this task. Although I don’t like to put too much hope in to things like this too quickly, I have a really good feeling about this new opportunity.


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