Literally Homeless

Moving out of my overly expensive apartment was a very smart decision. Fortunately, I have a great best friend who has agreed to house me temporarily while I find more suitable accommodations. Because the end of the month fell on a weekend, it has been a bit tricky trying to schedule a suitable time to move my meagre possessions into my friend’s place. Originally, we had agreed on the Sunday, as everyone would be home and the transition would be smoother. However, because of when the month ended, I needed to be out of my apartment sooner than the Sunday. I had a new situation on my hands. I had a day and night of transition between moves.

I probably could have asked my friend for an earlier move in, but I felt I was already asking so much of them that I couldn’t do it.This left me with very few options. I considered looking at a shelter for the night, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. I considered just staying awake all night at a coffee shop, but realized that again, would not be a wise decision. What I decided, which surprised and certainly humbled me further, was to stay in my apartment building. Not my apartment, just in the building. I did not have access to my unit anymore and couldn’t spend the night there. However I still had access to the building itself and looked around to see where I might be able to stay out of the cold for a night. I looked at stairwells, and hallways, and none seemed suitable. I ended up finding shelter in the basement of the apartment building and made up a makeshift bed out of some foam I found.

I ended up sleeping in a boiler room in a basement of a building I used to pay to live in. For a long while I couldn’t sleep. My mind raced with thoughts of being discovered. Every sound was a threat. Eventually I did nod off to sleep and slept a dreamless sleep. My alarm on my phone woke me up and I even snoozed myself for another hour. I had just spent a night homeless.

I spent a lot of my time thinking about last night, and how I don’t ever want to be in that position again. It was incredibly humbling and I feel more vulnerable now, then I ever have before. But, It was great motivation to get me back on the right path and be a man again. Tonight, I’ll be sleeping at my friend’s house, where it is safe, warm, and respectful.


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