Finding Shelter

The majority of my issues have been a direct result of my poor management of finances. Although I am a very smart and skilled individual, and have no problem creating a budget, I do have great difficulty sticking to a budget. I have always spent more than I should and accommodation has been no different. For the past year I have spent a disgusting amount on an apartment in a very luxurious and posh part of my city. Despite the fact that I am only home 3-4 nights a week, I felt I needed such a large and expansive space because it was expected of me. This apartment came with a hefty price and I was glad to pay it because the address was cool. And now, when times have became tougher and my cash flow has dried up, this place has become a burden and difficult impossible to keep.

Through my re-evaluation, I understand now that I have been foolish spending so much on my living space. Regardless of how much time I spend at home, I should be comfortable, but modest.

To correct myself and put myself on the right path to manhood, I needed to stop living at this large apartment and find somewhere else to go. This decision was made much easier for me because for the past month I didn’t pay rent and was living off my last month’s deposit. As of March 1, I had no choice but to find a new place to live.

Fortunately, there are a few people in my life that have not turned there backs on me completely. I considered asking my parents for help, but chose not to, as the last time I requested their help to lend me $50 so I could eat, they ignored my request and said that I only contact them when I need something. Which I suddenly realized was true. I did not want to contact them for this even though they probably would have helped out.

My next, and only other option was to contact my long time best friend. It was incredibly hard to even make the request. I have helped my friend out with many different things over the years and was always the stable rock for them when they needed someone. I felt ashamed asking for their help in my time of need, but I had no choice. I need to come to terms with my situation and take the right steps to correct it. I asked, and of course, my friend agreed to help me out. I am grateful for the help and will do what ever I can to make things easier for them while I stay there. It will only be temporary while I find my own room/apartment once I have saved enough for first and last month’s rent. I move in today, with a small collection of stuff. Mostly clothing and some memories. My hope is to only stay there for 2-3 weeks, if not less.


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