The List

There are a large number of things I must accomplish before I can consider myself a new man. The following is the list I feel must be completed before I am successful. Although I am beginning this list with some very basic items, my hope is that it will forever grow with life accomplishments.

Find Shelter – Completed March 2, 2013

Find a Job – Completed February 28, 2013

Pay off My Immediate Debts – Completed April 24, 2013

Find a Career – Completed April 2, 2014

Organize My Finances – Completed May 1, 2013

Repair Relationships

Live Healthy

Find Home – Completed Sept 1, 2013.

Find Self-Respect

Reconnect with My Family

Finding Spirituality

Start Saving for the Future

Pay off All My Debts

Buy a Car

Get Her Back – Completed July 29, 2013

Call Myself a Man


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