Finding a Job, Any Job

I have faced a lot of challenges this year as I come to terms with my actions and consequences. One that I was not expecting was losing my job at the beginning of the year. At the time it seemed like stable employment that had some room for me to develop. However, due to poor performance on my part, my employers found it best if we were to part ways. I don’t blame them for the decision, I can honestly say that my heart wasn’t into the work I was outputting and I was actually already looking for something new. However, the timing was very poor. At a time where I needed regular income to achieve my goals, I was suddenly thrust into unemployment, and this compounded all of my problems.

For a few weeks, I enjoyed the time off and spent more time looking for a career that better suited my skills and abilities. As time went on, I became increasingly frustrated at the job market and the lack of available positions that suited my experience and passion. My financial situation became more dire and I began loosening my stipulations on what positions I would apply for. Eventually, I started applying for anything that I could find.

I have been desperately seeking employment now for over a month and have discovered that I am in a very unique and difficult employment vortex. I am under qualified for a lot of of the jobs I want and feel I would thrive in, and I am overqualified for a lot of the jobs that I’ve applied for because of necessity. I am unemployable. In economics terms, this is known as Frictional Unemployment. There are jobs out there, and I am willing to work, but there is such a mismatch between my skills and what is being looked for that I simply cannot find a job.

In order to move forward with my plans to once again become a man, I must find employment. I need regular income coming in if I want to achieve anything on my list. I am continuing to search and will hopefully come up with something, anything. I’ve never had such difficulty in finding employment and have realized that I need to improve my skills and experience if I want to eventually be a man again. When I’ve found stability, I must consider the option of continuing my education and and finding designations or certifications to make myself more employable.


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